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External Dispatcher Update

Update v8 of the External Dispatcher has been released to fix a timing issue with the switches where they would bounce back shortly after being thrown.

Grab it here:

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New External Dispatcher Available

Version 7 of the External Dispatcher is now available for download.

Grab it here:

Some of the changes are:

  • Added Cajon route
  • Added support for dual and triple monitors
  • Updated settings for enabling/disabling controls
  • Added ability to adjust # of rows on Train list
  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • Updated Simulator (see Simulator change log for more info)
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West Colton Yard Map

The West Colton Yard map is now available in its own file. Like Barstow, there is one version with single pages for printing and another that’s one continuous page for viewing on a PC.

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Cajon Map Update

A new Cajon map has been uploaded tonight.

  • Map got its design refresh.
  • Page 1 now consists of all UP track from West Colton to the diamonds and to CP Silverwood.
  • GATX Facility tracks added to Page 1
  • UP Old West Colton yard tracks added to page 2, removing the additional page needed for it.
  • CEMEX plant tracks added to map at Victorville with track lengths, removing the additional page needed for it.
  • Riverside Cement Plant got a little track config update.
  • Milepost at San Bernadino to ONO have been updated to reflect the Sim’s Milepost. Previously there were changed to show the correct real world MP’s, but since the map is a reflection of the sim I reverted them back so they match.
  • The detail West Colton yard pages have been removed from this map and will be put into a separate file for just those who need it. I’m redoing that map so it’ll be available soon.
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