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A-Line Map Update

Small update to the A-Line map this morning to add a missing signal at 610.7 near Race Pond.

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Maritime Simulation

The CSX  A-Line route contains 4 drawbridges on the route, but there’s no simulation of bridge operations in the sim.  So 3rd party developers have made up some simple operations.

TSCAD included some simulation within their A-Line dispatch boards to simulate the opening/closing of the bridges.

Bridges take 80-90 seconds to raise or lower. 60 seconds after an occupancy has cleared, the bridge will auto-raise (assuming nothing else is aligned over the bridge). This simulates a local request for the bridge to be raised. I have not included any simulation for boats to make actual requests


rtsbridgesimRailroad Transportation Simulator also released a Maritime Simulation app that dispatchers can use to simulate random boat traffic requests.  It’s a standalone application and not linked to Run 8 or any dispatcher application. It is available for download at the bottom of the RTS homepage.

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TSCAD released their Dispatch Boards for the CSX Line on November 18. You can download the TSCAD Beta along with the A-Line panels at:



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CSX A-Line Now Available

HyRail Simulations has released the much anticipated CSX A-Line route today.

This route for Run8 Train Simulator encompasses 150+ miles from just north of Folkston, GA to South of Orlando, FL and includes facilities such as intermodal, auto rack loading and unloading, unit coal, aggregates, orange juice, other fruits and vegetables.

The route is available for purchase from for $40.



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CSX A-Line Map Now Available

The full map for the new CSX A-Line route is now available for download.

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