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Cajon Map Updated

Added missing signal at MP15.

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TSCAD Beta Update

The TSCAD Dispatcher Application Beta has been updated to include the Cajon Sub.

For more information and to download, visit:

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Needles Map Update

New Needles map update today.

  • Corrected M1 speed board at 582.0
  • Added missing M1 speed board at 680.2
  • Deleted M2 speed boards at 680.2 and 680.5
  • Updated text styling to match other maps
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Cajon Map Update

Happy Monday! A little update this morning to the Cajon map that corrects some track placement on the West Colton Yard pages.

EDIT 3:55pm CT: I realized I forgot to upload the file this morning. I’ll get the new update posted later. For now the previous version is currently up.

EDIT: 4:35. New version is now online

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