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A-Line Auto Train Yard

A Look at the progress on the Amtrak Auto Train yard at Sanford.


Source: HyRail Simulations Facebook
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GP40 Teaser

A little GP40 teaser from the homepage, with Rio Grande and SP units sitting at the West Colton fuel tracks.


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CSX A-Line Progress

While no release date has been announced yet, we received some information on some of the changes that will be part of the next scenery update.


HyRail Simulations wishes to thank the railroad simulation community for its overwhelming support with the release of the A Line route for Run8 train simulator.

As promised we are working hard on a track and scenery update to the route to address any issues we have found and to enhance the scenery on the route, this will be an absolutely free upgrade to people who have purchased the route.

The following is a summary of the changes and upgrades but is not all inclusive:

  • Fixes to signal issues found in various areas, the changelog will detail the locations fixed.
  • The southward signals at Middle Moncrief and McQuade St. have been fixed to show a slow aspect in certain conditions as per the prototype.
  • Re-alignment and Extension of the track and completion of the wye at Stanton Connection, the track is now DTC territory the 17 miles to the OUC Stanton Energy Center and includes all the track at the coal plant.
  • 2 major industrial parks have been added in the Taft area.
  • The Auto Train Facility has been re-laid and is now prototypical.
  • The sidings at Winokur and Race Pond have been re-laid.
  • Scenery enhancements from Sanford, FL to the end of the route at Taft including Downtown Orlando.
  • All industrial tracks along the main from Sanford to Taft will be included, this will be a huge opportunity for local switching jobs, plenty of work for several crews.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 10.48.48 AM

Thanks to HyRail Simulations for the information.

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A-Line Progress

Three news shots from Hyrail of progress at Orlando on the A-Line route.





Source: HyRail Simulations Facebook
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Run 8 Railfanning

Video put together by Erik (BNSF60) doing some railfanning on the Cajon sub.

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