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CSX A-Line Teaser

HyRail Simulations recently posted another teaser for their upcoming A-Line route.

And here’s a look at the real thing.


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2-Bay Covered Hoppers Released

Run 8 Studios has released their 1st pack of 2-Bay Covered Hoppers.

2bayThe add-on sells for $10.

The new pack includes a BNSF, BN, and SP ACF 2970 cars. Also CEMX, CEFX, TILX, and NS Trinity 3281 cars. And finally a CSX ACF 2700 cars.

Click Here To Purchase!


Not ready to purchase? Pickup the free default add-on in the meantime.

 Download Default 2-Bay Hopper Pack 1 (2.84 MB)


You will need this update if you join a multi-player session that is using the payware cars. Instead of seeing the payware ones you will see these Run8 default ones

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Run 8 03.31.2014 Update

Download Update (14.6MB)

Here’s the Change Log:

  • Fixed errant line of code having to do with AI\FreeAgent spawning as a client (also had something to do with the occasional “phantom engine” sounds).
  • Opening the Hump Controller window will no longer force a reset of that hump, which was causing interference when someone else was humping cars on the network.
  • Slow-Speed Control (Cruise Control) now works on the ES44′s. The speed readout will turn blue when cruise-control is turned on.
  • Slow-Speed Control now disables when train is relinquished or deleted.
  • Distance Counter will reset to zero (when in CountUp mode) after passing 10,000 feet.
  • BNSF_MojaveSub Scenery added at Boron and Monolith courtesy of Brad and Nigel. Lighting by Mark Fox.
  • Monolith spur track extended 50m at the request of a few engineers.
  • Fixed a “feature” that allowed phantom MFD screens to linger after a locomotive was deleted.

NOTE: All new customers will need both the 12.23.2013 and the new 03.31.2014 upgrades untill further notice.

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External Dispatcher 5G

Version 5g of the External Dispatcher application is now available.

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