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More Cajon and GP40 Teasers

Some more teasers for you today.

Cajon Sub

First up we have a couple new screenshots from the upcoming Cajon Sub update. The San Bernardino Depot looks fantastic!

run8_cu_sb_station2 run8_cu_sb_station1 run8_cu_sb_station4 run8_cu_sb_station3run8_cu_sb_pan1

run8_cu_sb_auto run8_cu_wc_trim run8_cu_wc_sand_loco run8_cu_wc_hump_admin

This free scenery update will be released sometime before Christmas and will include new scenery all along Cajon with additional detailed scenery at locations such as Victorville, Thorn, Hesperia, Dike, San Bernardino, and West Colton.



Next we have a closeup of the new UP GP40-2 locomotive.

run8_cu_gp40-2 run8_cu_gp40-2_wc_loco

The first pack of GP40-2’s is shooting for Christmas release as well right now, but that could be subject to change.

CSX Selkirk

Last we have a shot of CP RJ from the upcoming Run 8 route, the CSX Selkirk Yard.



No release date has been announced for Selkirk yet.

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Train Library Updates

Made a few updates to the Train Library today:

  • Added several missing roadnames from the SD40 Packs.
  • Updated Train Symbol to a single field to accommodate both UP/BNSF and CSX style symbols
  • Simplified train type list to some basic types rather than the railroad specific tags.
  • When uploading a train, a new “spawns on route” selection has been added to help identify which route the XML file needs to go in.
  • Added a new search field for searching the database.
  • Added Cajon and A-Line route option for session submissions
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GP40 and Cajon Teaser recently posted this new image on their homepage:


It gives us a little teaser of the upcoming GP40-2 locomotive pack and the service area at West Colton Yard that’ll be part of a Cajon update.

For the GP40’s, its expected we’ll see BNSF, UP, SP, Rio Grande, Western Pacific, Chessie, CSX, Conrail, ATSF, NS, Seaboard and maybe others in various pack offerings.

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CSX Signal Rules – Part 2

Danny Harmon, aka Distant Signal, has posted part 2 of his CSX Signal video series.

In case you missed part one, click here.

And be sure to check out Danny’s other fantastic videos.

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A-Line Map Update

Small update today to Page 5 to add the missing “Builder’s First Choice” spur just north of Yukon.

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