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10.17.2014 Run 8 Update Released

A new update was released this evening from Run 8 Studios.

Download 10.17.2014 Update (77MB)

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  • Fixed several issues found in the previous update, so we will just forget 10.05 ever existed…
  • If you are joining a session, and you don’t have all the necessary rolling-stock, you will now be immediately disconnected. Your Run8.log file will show a listing of what was missing.
  • From the Network Tab, you can now highlight a player’s entry and use the new Transport buttons at the bottom of the tab to transport to that player’s avatar or train positions.
  • Train Maker Upper has been updated. Changes include:
    • If you are in control of a train when the TMU is opened, it will be populated with the units in that train.
    • You must now be standing on the ground to place a train
    • It is far easier to find the correct track to place a train on. If you are standing on or near a track, and within 80 degrees of the desired direction, it should now find the correct track.
    • One exception is on curves. If there are multiple curves it tends to select the outside track. On curved track, stand to the inside of the curve.
    • The available units have been split into Amtrak, Freight Locos and Freight Cars. The Hyrail unit is in the freight locos list for now.
    • Add Unit To Train adds the selected unit to the end of the current train
    • Insert Unit adds the selected available unit above the selected unit in the current train.
    • Replace Selected Units swaps the selected units in the current train list with the selected unit in the available units list
    • Remove Selected Units From Train deletes all the selected units in the current train
    • Remove All Units wipes the current train list
    • Reverse Selected Units reverses the direction of any selected units in the current train list
    • Randomly Reverse Selected units randomly reverses the direction of any selected units in the current train list
    • Randomize Car Locations And Direction randomly shuffles and reverses any cars in the current train list. Note that this does not move or reverse any locomotives.
    • Move Selected Unit Up moves a single selected unit in the current train list closer to the front of the train
    • Move Selected Unit Down moves a single selected unit in the current train list closer to the rear of the train
  • The new Train Information panel shows statistics about the current train, including the weight and Hp/T that the train would have if it were empty or fully loaded.
  • Added client ping and other useful network statistics to the Network tab of the options menu.
  • The save time is now displayed for all saved games. The format of the date and time was chosen to allow sorting by double clicking the time column header.
  • Added a new tab called Auto Save to the options menu with detailed automatic save options. This functionality replaces all the previous automatic saves:
    • Auto Save Train: This saves just your train according to the schedule and when you delete you train, just in case it was deleted accidentally

    • Short Term Auto Save World: this is a frequent save of the entire world. It overwrites the file each time to avoid filling the hard drive with large world saves.
    • Long Term Auto Save World: this is a less frequent save of the entire world that is saved to a different file name each time. There is also a limit to how many will be kept on disk.
    • Auto Saves are stored in your Content\Routes\AutoSaves folder, and are loaded separately from other save files.
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Train Report Generator

New tool I put together for generating train reports/switch lists from train XML files.

How to use it?

Simply upload a train XML file you want a report for. If you’re on a server, grab a train and save it to something like “train report”. Then just upload the “train report.xml” (from the correct route that you were in when you saved it) to the site.

Reports are stored on the database for retrieval. You could copy/past this link to the CYO or something if desired. I’ll probably eventually set reports to delete after 30 days or something.

Some reports won’t display right and that’s due to Run 8 saving cars in the XML file out of order. I’m trying to see if I can find a workaround for that.


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I spy…..

…some upcoming SD40-2’s. ¬†If you haven’t seen the homepage image at in the past few days, they have a teaser image up for the next pack of SD40-2’s.




Image Credit:
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Network Software Causing Issues

So this past weekend I had built myself a new PC. Shortly afterwards I noticed some odd issues with Run 8 while connected to a server


  • Cuts of cars would vanish when I uncoupled from them
  • I couldn’t spawn anything on a host
  • Nearly everything I touched and relinquished vanished from the server.

So I did some troubleshooting with the programmer and few others users while they were looking into some other network issues.

In my case I found the issue stemmed from some Network Prioritizing software that’s part of my new motherboards’ network driver. It’s the Killer E2200 LAN with the Qualcomm Atheros Killer Network Manager suite. A little app that looks like this:

What it is supposed to do is prioritize network traffic, giving things like games and video streaming higher priority over other apps like a web browser or something…”for a better gaming experience’ However, in my case we found with it on and even with Run 8 at the #1 spot, packets were just getting blocked or dropped.

As soon as I unchecked the “Enable Bandwidth Control” under that “Network” tile pictured above, my problems went away.

So this is just an FYI in case you or someone you know recently built/bought a new PC and has similar issues. Check and see if there’s any sort of network software that might be running and blocking traffic.

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